Finding Southern Vermont Homes

At Four Corner Properties we will help you navigate the real estate market together. We know the process and can accommodate your individual needs. Whether you’re buying or selling, our staff has the knowledge to work with you through the many steps. We KNOW Vermont homes!

Our Brokers and Agents are experienced with first-time home buyers, those purchasing second homes, rental investments, and commercial properties.  Since there are so many variables in each transaction, you’ll appreciate our experience.

First Time Home Buying?

First step? Call Lori Hurley.  

Once we assist you in working with a lender, you’ll be ready to start looking for a home. If you find yourself not quite ready, we’ll work with you to develop a plan to get you prepared. Either way, you will feel confident that you have begun the process.

We also offer financial information for those looking for guidance. While it is exciting to receive a pre-approval, our agents work with you to ensure your monthly payments are in alignment with a practical budget. 

Lenders work with a debt to income ratio, but many homebuyers have other financial obligations that your lender might not be considering. Use the link ….. to start finding your affordable number to make the mortgage each month.

Areas of Specialty

We have brought buyers to sellers throughout the southern region of Vermont. Oftentimes when looking, clients also like to explore regions north of our areas of specialty. Whether Southern, Central, or Northern Vermont, we stay with you, bringing in whatever resources needed to accommodate your search for your Vermont home.

Often when we start working with a buyer in our targeted areas listed below, they end up looking in areas an hour or so up north.  We stick with you and bring in the resources needed to accommodate.

Arlington: located north of Shaftsbury, Arlington sits between the Green Mountains and Taconic Range. The Battenkill River runs through the center of town, making it a great spot for trout fishing.

Bennington: Bennington has a historic downtown with beautiful architecture and many popular shops and restaurants. A stroll down Main Street. quickly shows all the charm Bennington has to offer.

North Bennington: north west of Bennington and east of Hoosick Falls, NY, North Bennington is noted for arts and one of the few local lakes. Also home of the annual Halloween Parade!

Pownal: considered the gateway to Vermont, Pownal is just north of the Massachusetts border and is surrounded with mountains. Also in the Green Mountain National Forest is an entrance to the Long Trail.

Shaftsbury: Home to the popular Lake Shaftsbury State Park! Beach, play, and picnic areas are ready to be enjoyed and explored. The park occupies over 80 acres!

Vermont Mandatory Disclosure

What is the “Vermont Mandatory Disclosure” all about and why are agents asking you to sign an “Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement” before you even get started looking for a property. Take a minute to read the Vermont Mandatory Disclosure, this is very important to understand and so is “Agency”.  The term “Agency” is used in real estate to help determine what legal responsibilities your real estate professional owes you and other parties in the transaction.

Let’s have a conversation about all of this as well as The Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer Agreement. Four Corner Properties LLC does not take this contract lightly and commits to your relationship before discussing if it’s to your benefit or not.